Ideas can change people’s lives only if:

  • People can understand the explanation of the idea,
  • Get inspired by an idea and
  • Go with the story that is built around the ideas and
  • Are narrated with spice, interest and authenticity to
  • Inspire people with effective messaging.

Sounds interesting? Then we are entering into the realm of content marketing and here is why you should have a strategy and how you can explore ways of firing up the same.

Use something unique

There are many ways in which you can boost your content marketing and using fabulously interesting tools such as whiteboard videos or whiteboard animation is one of them. With this tool, you can create such amazing videos that people simply have to sit and look at what you have to say.

This is also important because it will help you differentiate the manner in which you present your product or idea or service. It is difficult to fight for space when it comes to an industry but with unique content, you make a ‘stand apart’ performance as well.

Apart from whiteboard animation videos, you can also think of:

Video channels for your brand.
Online presentations.
Podcasts etc.

Who? Where? What? How?

Some of the many questions you must ask before formulating your content marketing strategy. These questions pertain to:

Who is your target audience?
Where can you find them?
What would they like to see by way of content?
How should you present your business to them?
What makes your idea unique?
How much value will you be able to give them?

Be comprehensive

Content marketing is not just coming up with a great idea and presenting it fabulously. Think of it as a journey you take with your customers. This journey has to be made interesting enough so your customer rides along with you – happily and loyally!

One of the important things in this journey has to do with listening to what your customers are saying and crafting your plans accordingly. Digital interactions will help you roll out better digital experiences.

It could be something as simple as a customer giving you feedback about a type of video he would like to see or learn more about a particular product. Acting on this feedback will give the customer the feeling that you are truly listening to what he or she is saying.

At the end of the day, successful content marketing is all about segmenting your messages and reaching people with information that is entertaining and relevant.