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You’ve spent months with the web designers building your website and hardly anyone visits.
It’s cost too much money to pull the plug AND you’re worried about what to do next.

Did You Know…By June 2009 Google indexed more than 30.6 billion web-pages just like yours.

Designing for simplicity and clarity enables the Content of your site to be read and indexed more easily by all Search Engines. The elements controlling web-styling and appearance are applied separately so your message is never lost or confusing.

The ultimate goal is to create a simple, clean, easy-to-use website that applies the latest benefits of web design while being highly optimized to attract the right visitors.
Using the best collective intelligence for choice selection and decision making by people using the Internet for information about your industry or specialization.

“You’ve Carefully Chosen Your Keywords BUT You’re still not getting visitors”

Make sure The images and text for each web-page are optimized to show the key words and key phrases for successful Search Engine inclusion.

There’s a smarter way to work

It’s amazing how many websites are based on design templatesmarkup techniques and table layouts that are inflexible and difficult to change.

And it doesn’t involve thousands of inbound links…

Web DesignersContent Managers, and even automated Search Engine Robots, become confused by the complexity of websites created in software packages using nested tables and re-hashed, re-branded templates.

Complex tables don’t easily identify the information that’s most important.

Most importantly, make sure your website is standards compliant!